Possible blocks to divine guidance

Why don’t we sometimes get guidance from spirit?
What are the blocks to receiving guidance? Here is a collection
of reasons I have encountered in myself.

-) I don’t really care to know.
-) I am too afraid to know the answer.
-) I forgot to ask.
-) The question is not clearly formulated.
-) Wanting to know the answer is based on fear. (like ‘What
are the winning lottery numbers?’ )

-) I keep asking and asking but then I forget to shut up and
listen to the answer.
-) I can’t hear the answer because my ego chatter is too
-) I am letting all my thoughts go and clear my mind. I am
even letting go of the inner voice. (as in Esther Hicks’
story where she let go all of her thoughts, even of the ones which came from the guides. Eventually, the guides had her move her nose and paint letters in the air with her nose to get the message through. lol)

-) I don’t get guidance because the point of being in a body
is to not have everything openly revealed.
-) I don’t get an answer because my guides want me to
figure it out by myself via feeling into my joy. Being told
what to do would be like cheating.
-) I don’t get guidance because my human mind would not
be able to understand the answer.
-) I don’t get an answer because the timing is not right.

-) I don’t hear an audible voice. Is this still guidance?
-) I don’t believe the answer of the inner voice. It seems all
made up by my imagination.
-) I can’t tell the difference between ego’s voice and true
-) I don’t believe in interpreting events as signs. This seems
-) I feel a strong urge or desire to do something. But I don’t
trust that because I have been taught that desire is bad.

-) There is no clarity about the map of the spiritual journey.
Or even if there is clarity about the map, I still don’t know
where I am located on the map.

-) I get guidance but I don’t feel like doing anything.
My will has personal will has been punched and beaten during this spiritual journey and resurrecting the will is difficult.

For more information on divine guidance, you can download the script (pdf) of my divine guidance workshop (from 2017) here . (If you cannot open the link, try right mouse-click and then ‘save as’).

Communication steps for divine guidance

If you want to receive divine guidance, here are some communication steps:

-) Ask
-) Become still
-) Wait in expectation
-) Receive
-) Interpret
-) Ask for clarification
-) Trust
-) Act
-) Evaluate

Ask. Don’t forget this step. Guidance can only be given if we ask. If we don’t ask, nobody is going to answer. And be specific. If you state a fuzzy question, you will get a fuzzy answer. It does not need to be properly formulated. The intention counts.

Wait for the answer. That is, become quiet and listen to the inner voice. Or wait and watch whether the answer is going to show up in another way. As a sign or a pattern. It is like waiting for hearing the thunder after the lightning. You are sure that it will come and you become still enough to make sure you are not going to miss it when it shows up.

Receive the answer. Write down what the inner voice said. Notice it. Notice what the book or the friend said.

Interpret the answer. Try to understand. Some messages may not be downright clear at the beginning.

Ask for clarification and discuss with your inner voice.

Trust. There are two types of trust. One is trusting that what we received is from spirit and not from our ego. The second one is actually daring to act on the guidance.

Act on it. Or if you don’t act on it, then look at your reasons or fears. It’s important to pratice this with the little things in your life where a wrong decision would not have huge consequences.

Evaluate. How did things turn out when you acted on the guidance? Was your interpretation right? Or what happened when you refused to act on the guidance? This cycle will help you build more trust.

That was the process in a nutshell.

Each of these steps can be a bit of a challenge sometimes. Not forgetting to ask can be a challenge. Interpreting signs, dreams, and the inner voice correctly can be a challenge as well. And, of course, daring to act on guidance (which may push us far out of our comfort zone at times) can be very challenging, too.

But there are also benefits, of course, when we follow the guidance, like an increased sense of going with the flow or an increased sense of protection. I also like the awe and wonder about getting signs from the other side of the veil at all. And things become easier with practice. But, as I wrote, it is important to start practicing with the little things, so that the trust can be built slowly.

If you are interested in more information about divine guidance, you can download the script of my divine guidance workshop from 2017 here

Finding the lost treasure inside of us

Whenever I fall into a state apathy and lack of purpose, usually some events happen where someone loses something, sometimes right in front of me, and I let them know. The most recent events were a woman who walked into the supermarket and who lost her shopping list. Or some guy who lost a health insurance card. Both people were grateful when I let them know. (The other things that used to happen were that I would walk by people who had some sort of fall or emergency breakdown. It also happened that I met people who asked me for the way.)

I think when I come across someone who just lost something and I remind them of it, this is the universe’s way of telling me metaphorically that part of my job description is to remind people of what they have lost.

Now, what is my message? What is it that people have lost that I should remind them of?

I think it is this:

Inside of each of us is a place of inner peace which is always there. It is the silent observer in the background.

The main reason to connect there is because we get to know ourselves as awareness.

But it also has some nice side effects.
Touching upon that peace not only feels good, but it can also shift things in the outside world. Because thoughts coupled with emotions create literally. And when there is an inner state of peace, joy, and gratitude, the outer world adjusts.

This place of awareness which is always there independet of the circumstances is like the diamond in the pocket of the beggar of which he was unaware. Or like the red shoes of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz which were there all the time and would bring her home.

When I travel, I am sometimes worried about the things that can go wrong like delayed or missed trains or traffic jam. So, I usually make sure to put my mind into a state of inner joy, peace, and gratitude before the travel begins and then keep it like that throughout the travel – even when shit hits the fan.

When unpleasant things happen, I make sure that I go even more into peace, joy, and gratitude, as sort of an insurance which will be able to shift things on the outside.

I think it has saved me from some troubles in the past. I recall several instances of things going wrong, and I put on my happy mind, and then the situations suddenly were resolved . Of course, I cannot prove that my state of mind was the cause, but I have observed this.

On some areas I find this easier to apply than on others. The area of health, for example, is more challenging for me than travel challenges. When my son was sick and I thought it was dangerous, I found it very hard to deal with the fear, for example. Or when I am in physical pain, then I am prone to fall into despair and an inner temper tantrum about having to incarnate at all. I have to try to use the method of inner peace in these cases, too.

I find this place of inner peace with the Awareness Watching Awareness meditation which I described in the blog post Describing the ineffable. It is basically looking back at that which is looking. The beauty of this is that it is available even when a negative emotion is present. For example, there can be sadness and I can be aware of the sadness and feel it, but I can still put part of the focus of my attention back on the ever-present awareness.

But this method does not work for everyone. If it doesn’t work for you, then I’d recommend any other method that works for you to get into a peaceful state of mind. Be aware, though, that this is not about suppressing emotions or about drowning them with drugs or addictive activities. It’s about acknowledging and feeling the emotions, but without wallowing in them. And then reach for a thought which feels better. Or do an activity which makes you feel better. Then you can observe how the disturbing events turn out.

Divine guidance can come in many ways

This is a re-post of my blogpost about many forms of divine guidance.


How can we figure out what Source wants us to do, especially if we cannot hear the inner voice yet?

I was surprised to find out that divine guidance can come in many forms.
All we need to do is ask.
The following list contains examples  (and is by no means exhaustive).

Inner guidance:

  1. Visions
  2. Dreams with literal or metaphorical meaning
  3. Songs that are stuck in the head which have meaningful lyrics
    (example: https://karinfinger.wordpress.com/2015/01/04/thou-shalt-not-blame/)
  4. Inner voice (voiceless or audible)
  5. Blocks of thought (i.e. sudden mental insight without any formulated sentences)
  6. Inner knowing (wordless gut level feeling)
  7. Inner urge to do something (for example, the urge to turn to the alarm clock in the morning and switch it off just one minute before it would go off by itself)
  8. Physical sensations (like a tingling feeling, muscle twitching, or seeing a tiny visible spark of light)
  9. Emotions (for example, feeling guilty or discontent when we are disobeying divine guidance vs. joy when we are on track)
  10. Sickness (example: back pain in https://karinfinger.wordpress.com/2014/11/23/coming-out-of-hiding/)
    (Certain body parts can point to different underlying emotional causes.  For more information, see Louise Hay’s book Heal Your Body)

Outer guidance:

  1. Words or pictures showing up on the outside world
  2. Patterns of events with literal or metaphorical meaning, sometimes mirroring us (example: the clogged drain in https://karinfinger.wordpress.com/2014/12/29/the-power-of-forgiveness/)
  3. Opening a book at a random page or drawing a Tarot card
  4. Numbers  (like 11:11 ), pennies and dimes, feathers or anything else that we have assigned a meaning to  (like a certain type of car)
    (see Doreen Virtue’s book Signs from Above)
  5. Animals can have a meaning according to the shamanic tradition
  6. Spirit guides who show up in the flesh in the living room (as described by Gary Renard in The Disappearance of the Universe, or by Pamela Wilson to whom Ramana Maharshi appeared in her bedroom, see http://conscious.tv/text/12.htm ). But these are rather rare cases.
  7. Psychic mediums or an insightful friend

Anything can become our teacher. The whole universe is moved by the single invisible hand of Source. We just need to ask.


  1. The book recommendation
    The same book (by Ramana Maharshi) was recommended twice to Renate McNay by different people. But she wasn’t interested.
    Then, she was in a bookstore and the book fell on her head out of nowhere.
    Finally, she got the message and read the book. (http://conscious.tv/text/12.htm )
  2. Customizing the inner voice 
    I insisted that I wanted to hear an audible inner voice. Somehow, I had the idea that in order to be real guidance the voice must be audible.
    So, one morning, I heard an audible voice into my head.
    It said „Freedom” in a very low bass.
    Next week on another morning, I got an audible voice in my head saying something in a high pitch Mickey Mouse voice.
    That seemed like a humorous suggestion for customizing the voice of my internal satellite navigation system. Apparently, Source was making fun of me.
    I felt humbled. But I admired the universe’s teaching methods, patience, and humor.
    And I stayed with the voiceless voice setting.

If you are interested in more information, you can download the script of my workshop from 2017 about divine guidance here.

A timely warning before a thunderstorm

A few nights ago, I woke up with a cramp in my leg. Not the usual annoying and painful cramp in the calf, but one in the ankle where my foot was bent inwards. I knew this would stop as soon as I got up and put my feet on the floor.

My guides have several methods of waking me up. Sometimes my husband snores or I may have a troubling dream or I hear a noise like an alarm clock. But then in reality, alarm clock didn’t go off, it was more like an acoustic hallucination. While these things usually happens in order to wake me up so that I can remember what I just dreamt, the cramp in my ankle which bent the foot inwards was to make me get up.

So, I got up and wondered why my guides would want to wake me up around 5:30 am. I didn’t work on that day and would have preferred to sleep in.

I noticed some rumbling outside. A thunderstorm was approaching but it was still far away. So, I got up and went to the bathroom.

Then it hit me. The skylight windows in the room on the top floor had been wide open the entire night. The temperatures were high and the weather forecast had not predicted rain, so my husband had opened the windows over night to let some cool air in. I must close them before the rain started.

I went upstairs and closed the windows just as the first drops of rain started to fall. Then I went back to bed. And less than 10 minutes after being woken up, the rain started to pour. Had I not closed the windows, we would have gotten some damage on the wallpaper and the carpet from the heavy rain.

Whoever that was who woke me up just with the right timing, higher self or guides or whatever, there was some invisible force behind the veil which had my back. And I found that comforting to know and was very grateful.

A prayer and signs

Here is an update regarding rheumatoid arthritis flare-up of my left knee after my first Corona mRNA vaccination.

I had tried to treat it with homeopathic remedies with more or less success. Mostly, some well-chosen remedies worked fine during the first dose and made me very optimistic. But when the effect wore off and I took the second dose, it didn’t work as well anymore.

Here are some details for those of my readers who are homeopathically inclined:
The remedies which helped were mainly Lachesis and Bryonia.
Silicea (- a remedy after damage by vaccination) also worked well initially, but afterwards not anymore.
I didn’t try Thuja yet (another post-vaccination remedy) because I had bad reactions to it in the past.
Ledum did not work well.
In between, I took some nosodes for better reaction (Carcinosinum and Syphilinum which had served me well in the past), and also Lycopodium as a complementary follow-up remedy for Lachesis.

I used potencies in the range of LM6, LM18, LM30 (1 drop diluted over 5 plastic cups), or C200 (dry).

Regarding the resources, I often use the reversed Kent’s repertory as a materia medica substitute: http://homeoint.org/hidb/kent/index.htm. Additionally, I use the online version of Kent’s repertory: http://homeoint.org/books/kentrep/index.htm

What I also did was cut back on food which causes inflammation (for me, that would be diary products; and meat, especially pork, is also bad for inflammation, but don’t eat that anymore since a couple of years.)

I tried to restrict strain on the knee as much as possible to help the inflammation calm down and elevated the leg a lot.

I did not use local ointments or bandages ( – had tried a bandage in the beginning but that seemed to make it worse).
I also avoided allopathic anti-inflammatory medicine since I was afraid that this would lead to a rebound effect after I weaned myself off the medicine ( – had enough trouble with that in the past).

But at some point, I had reached the end of my rope. All my efforts could not make the inflammation go away.

Then I lay in bed on the evening of August 7, 2021, and gave up and started to pray to God and the archangels (Michael and Raphael). It was with an attitude of humble surrender. I couldn’t handle this painful condition alone and needed help.

I tried to feel the energy signature of the archangels again. But while I succeeded feeling something (e.g. high joy around my heart) when connecting with Archangel Michael, I could not sense anything when trying to connect with Archangel Raphael.

Suddenly, I noticed that the previously dark room was dimly lit. What was that? To my astonishment, I noticed that my iPad on my nightstand had gone on – all by itself.

I switched it off and resumed my prayer in the dark room with eyes closed.

Then it happened again. The room became lit because my iPad went on.
And it also happened a third time.

Was it because my energy field changed as I went into meditation? But I had not noticed that effect from me before. So, I took it as a sign that my prayer had been heard and that some entity, hopefully someone with healing skills, was with me.

Then I got up to go to the bathroom and saw that a small, square sheet of paper had fallen off the window sill onto the heating next to my bed. It was a paper which can be used for making origami and its color was green with a bit of purple. Usually, these paper sheets do not fall off my window sill. So, that looked like another sign. Maybe from Archangel Raphael? He is often depicted with the color green.

I slept well that night. And the next day, the knee was already a bit better. I also noticed a bit of bloody discharge as if my period was about to start (which is rare for me these days in menopause). I mention this because I had this discharge also after another healing session with a spiritual healer. And this healer also reported that this often happens to women after a healing session. Interesting. So, I took that as another sign that something had happened in my body and that my prayers were heard.

During dinner with my family on that day, August 8, 2021, I became silent, turned inside and started to pray for healing again when suddenly an additional light bulb over the dinner table went on. We have a lamp with two light bulbs over the dinner table. One of the light bulbs was screwed in and was on already before. The other one was not screwed in all the way and was off (because we didn’t want the bright light during dinner). But suddenly when I started to become silent and to focus and pray, the light bulb went on by itself even though nobody touched it. That was yet another sign.

I was so grateful. Someone on the other side of the veil wanted to let me know that my prayers had been heard and that support was on the way.

Even though I noticed that I still needed to be careful not to strain it too much, the knee is a bit better. At the time of writing this, it is the 42nd day after the vaccination, and I am carefully optimistic that this condition will improve.

But because the flare-up of the rheumatoid arthritis was so bad, I canceled the appointment for the second dose of vaccination.


Disclaimer: The information in this blog post is no substitute for professional medical advice. If you have a medical condition, consult your doctor or another qualified healthcare professional.

Signs from Prince

The purple carpet and more signs

When Prince started working with the channel Lisa Wechtenhiser after he died in 2016 and when Lisa started to offer her first readings and group sessions with him, I turned inside and asked whether it would be good for me to participate. And shortly afterwards, I got a sign. A dark purple doormat draped over a bike rack in the middle of our town. A very unusual sight. I thought that this was probably from him.

But then I listened to some Prince channelings by Lisa and found that I did not resonate with everything he said. And also, Lisa said that Prince could be bossy at times (in her experience). I had enough of bossy guides after the dismissal of my negative spirit guide in July 2017. And I thought it would be too risky to connect with Prince and then have a new bossy guide on my team.

So, I made sure that I stayed away from any activities Lisa offered with Prince, like Facebook groups, group sessions, and individual readings even if they were offered at an affordable price or for free.

But I kept getting signs which I thought were from Prince. I was never really sure, but they were so insistent. As if he was trying to contact me and to convince me to get in touch.

I remember during my family’s summer vacation at the sea in 2017, I heard an inner voice saying, ‘Do you want to be a rock star?’ As usual, I wondered whether I heard correctly or whether I made this up. But then I saw a little girl on the beach with a t-shirt with ‘Rockstar Girl’ written on it. So, that was like a confirmation that I was not making this inner voice up. And I thought it was probably from Prince because who else would ask me whether I would want to be a rock star other than a former rock star? But I answered in my mind, ‘No, Prince, I don’t want to be a rock star.’ And I thought that was enough to keep him away.

Then I saw another t-shirt saying, ‘Music is my medicine.’ That also sounded like it could be a message from a musician. But I thought that it was going to take something different than music to heal the rheumatic pain in my foot from which I was suffering at that time.

The signs kept coming and so I said, “Ok, Prince, what do you want to tell me?”
This time, I did not get an inner voice, but I got the vision of a frog. I kept wondering for many years what that meant. Kiss that frog? Or was it about transformation? I had no idea.

A channeling from Prince

In April 2020, when Lisa announced an offer of channeling Prince in a session, I was nudged by my guides to participate. When I procrastinated signing up, things started to break down in the house again. So, I thought, ok, I have no choice. I must sign up. But I was very afraid of doing that. Much to my relief, Prince was very kind in the channeling and not bossy.

In the reading, Prince told me among other things that the frog image meant “Wisdom lives within you”. He also confirmed that the other signs were from him, too.

I wondered why he kept trying to reach me if I had sent so many signs that I did not want to connect with him.
In the channeling, he said that my soul had asked for his support.

That was strange. I mean, shouldn’t I feel more eager to talk with him if it was the wish of my soul?

An insistent inner voice – and another sign

In the channeling class in spring 2021, he also showed up in signs and as an inner voice. During the night before one of the partner practice sessions, I heard an inner voice telling me very insistently that I needed to deliver a message from them (whoever that was). And I should make sure not to block it. They said they would come through very strongly. The feeling of this inner voice was very insistent, high pressure, and urgent.

They also told me that they would send me a small gift afterwards as a sort of sign that I did not make this up and as a ‘thank you’ that I delivered the message. As I lay awake in bed listening, the voice made me repeat the words just to be sure I had understood the message. So, I repeated it and then asked to be released so I could get some more sleep.

The next day, I went into the partner zoom call and kept wondering whether I would be able to hear an inner voice just like during the night before. But I didn’t. I usually don’t get an inner voice during zoom calls because I am not as relaxed as in my bed at night. But I felt an urge to say something about certain topics.

After the session, I wondered whether I had kept my promise of bringing the message through. All I got was a visual of ‘thumbs up’ by shadowy figures. So, I probably did it correctly.

The next day, I went outside for a walk and kept looking for the gift which they promised. Was I making all of this up or was it real? Guess what I found in the street on my way home! It was a lost, silvery earring. And when I looked at it in a certain way, it looked like the letter ‘P’. Maybe a sign from Prince? I was wondering all the time from whom this very insistent inner voice was.

So, maybe I did say something in the partner zoom call which was from Prince even though I did not hear an inner voice. Finding this sign of the earring which looked like a ‘P’ was a very welcome confirmation for me.

When I told this story during our group zoom calls, one of the participants, who is a gifted Prince channel, heard Prince say, ‘Yes, that was me.’

I another partner zoom session, this talented Prince channel also told me that Prince would be there waiting for me until I was ready to work with him. After the channeling by Lisa W. from April 2020 described above, this was another confirmation.

I was still reluctant. But another group member assured me that he can be very gentle and supportive. So, he is not necessarily bossy to everyone. Good to know.

The purple phone

On July 31st, 2021, we had our last group zoom call from the channeling class. And Prince showed up in a channeling and let us know that he would be available for us to work with him if we needed him.

The next day, our more than 20 year old black phone in the living room suddenly stopped working. Luckily, we had two spare phones left over in our house with which we could replace it. A white one and a purple one. The strange thing was that the white phone also stopped working on that same day when I tried to use it. So eventually, we had only the purple phone left and put this into our living room as replacement. Because this was just one day after the last channeling class, I took that as a metaphor that I could always pick up the purple phone and call on Prince when I needed help.

I still think it is weird that my soul wants to work with Prince and yet I don’t feel an urge to go forward with this connection with him. Usually, when my soul wants something, I feel an inner urge, a sense of passion and of ‘I can’t wait to do this/ to learn about that/ to dig into it.’

But here, nothing.

I don’t know much of his music. And the few pieces I have listened to don’t match my taste. Sorry. Sure, he was very talented, played many instruments, was highly creative and productive and also courageous. I am sure I could learn something from him. I just don’t want to be bossed around for I’ve had enough of that treatment by guides in the past. And also, I am afraid of being pushed to go too far outside of my comfort zone. I know it will eventually be necessary, but after the channeling class, I need a break from being uncomfortable.

So, we’ll see. This is no complete surrender yet to a commitment of working with him. But writing this blogpost has been a step into the right direction.

A different kind of graduation speech

As I was sitting through two school graduation ceremonies in July 2021 with several more or less interesting speeches conveying wisdom for life, sprinkled with many quotes by famous dead people, part of my brain got bored during the principal’s speech and dozed off into daydreaming.

Why couldn’t I appreciate these talks properly? What if I had to be on stage? What would I say to the graduates?

Or what would Archangel Michael say, the divine being I chose to work with in the recent channeling class?
I imagined him coming on stage with a flash of light, walking up to the microphone, folding his wings neatly, and starting to talk. Maybe it would sound like this:

Dear graduates,
as you are sitting here today waiting to go out into the next chapters of your life, you might ask yourselves, ‘What is this all about? What is important? What are the rules of the game now?’

I would like to let you know that at your core you are consciousness and that your thoughts coupled with emotions create – literally.

So, as you leave school and go out into the next chapter of your life, be aware of what thoughts and emotions you hold in your mind. Because this is what you will manifest.

Choose kindness, compassion, and forgiveness always.

And be aware that your soul has different goals than your human personality self. While you might think that a successful life is about things like career, money, and family, your soul finds it more important to develop qualities like compassion, forgiveness, courage, patience, trust, and surrender.

So, go out into your life and make your plans according to what you believe will be a successful life for you. Follow your joy. But know that all the obstacles you encounter on your path are there to teach you these soul qualities. So, as painful as these obstacles may be, don’t fret too long about them for they are the things that make your soul grow. They are like the sand in the oyster which makes the pearl.

And if the obstacles occur too frequently, then ask yourself whether you are on the right path. Maybe you are trying to swim upstream instead of going with the flow of divine guidance.

Know that the happiness you seek to find by getting things in your outer world can only be found inside of you. Therefore, strive to find that place of stillness of the timeless awareness in you and let that be your anchor point in life for this is your connection to Home.

You are never alone. We are always here to guide you. But you need to ask. And then pay attention. The answer can come in a variety of different ways.

Now, spread your wings and fly.

Then Archangel Michael left and as the speech of the principal was over, I emerged back from my daydreaming and joined in the applause.

4 Things I’ve Learned about Raising Children

Both of my sons finished their respective school in July 2021 and I am looking back over how they developed from toddlers to now. The younger one finished his school at 10th grade (but will continue with high school after this). And the older one finished high school. It is time for a review. What have I learned?

Children are different

Kids are different. Like not all flowers become white marguerites, but there are cacti and marsh marigolds and they need different environments to grow, dry vs marshy soil, respectively. And if the school system thinks that everyone should become like a marguerite, then the cacti and the marsh marigolds have a problem.

The people from the education and health system would say, “Where are your white petals? You are supposed to grow orderly and neat white petals. All the flowers here do so. Where are yours? You are delayed. Or you don’t fit in. Something is wrong with you. Let me help to fix you! What? You don’t want to be fixed?! Oh, come on, be compliant! I just mean well.”

And of course, they did just mean well. But I could only shake my head and think, ‘Cacti don’t necessarily grow white petals and look like marguerites. And they don’t grow best in the environment in which marguerites grow.’ I knew that no effort whatsoever from myside would be able to turn a cactus into a marguerite. And I wondered how they would deal with the beautiful, exotic bird of paradise flower (strelitzia). Would they send it to the hairdresser to make the petals look even and neat like from those a marguerite flower? What a shame that would have been.

I don’t have access to the switch in another person’s mind

When my older son had a phase where his room was really messy, I was told I had to teach him how to tidy up. But even though I tried, it didn’t work. Eventually, I gave up.

But my mother and my MIL kept pushing me that I had to keep trying.

After I had given up and let go of the issue, somehow at some time my son started to declutter and tidy up his room on his own. He had watched a couple of youtube videos about life hacks and minimalistic living and that somehow incited him to have a nicer looking room. So, he learned it eventually, but it was not at all influenced by my fruitless attempts at education.

The same thing happened with the body weight of my younger son. He used to be a bit overweight. And no attempts from our side to change eating habits or exercising habits had any effect. But in May 2020, he decided to go strictly vegan and since then he has lost a lot of weight. Again, this change in behavior was not of my doing.

I learned that for change to happen it is like a switch is flipped in the other person’s head. And I do not have access to that switch. I could talk, try to convince, bargain, threaten until I was blue in the face. I could then feel utterly frustrated and stressed out that it was not in my power to make my child behave as I thought he should behave.

Or I could just let go and wait for natural growth to happen. Which was much less stress. Except I had to endure the comments by other people who called me ‘too meek’, or ‘irresponsible’.

Trusting my intuition more than the opinions of others

One of the things about being a parent, and especially a mom, was that suddenly there was a whole army of people who all thought that they knew better and who felt compelled to give me unsolicited advice. Once I was a mom, suddenly many people were all up in my business. They were darn sure that they knew how I had to best handle my children and they didn’t hesitate to tell me. And if I had a different opinion and dared to say so, then they tried to scare me into taking their advice. And if I still didn’t do it, they would become angry and label me, as irresponsible, for example. Again, they all only meant well and wanted the best for us and our children.

I was urged to give my older son into a group daycare when he was under the age of 3 years and when I didn’t do it for various reasons, I was told , “You just wait and see! You will surely run into trouble later if you don’t give him into our daycare.”

When my younger one had violent temper tantrums, I was told that I should not allow him to do this and was given advice on how to handle the situation. Which didn’t work. I had to find my own way of dealing with him.

For both kids, we were advised to not put them into school at the age when we wanted to put them into school. And huge trouble was predicted if we would not follow the advice. But we did it anyway. And even though things were not always easy, there was no huge trouble and things turned out well in the end.

It can be very challenging to trust one’s intuition if people who had some experience and authority are saying to go into the opposite direction. But trusting my inner knowing about what was best for my children despite all the opinions of other people was very important in retrospect.

And trusting my intuition was only one part of the challenge. The other difficult part was to remain calm and polite despite my anger and to set boundaries to overbearing people firmly enough in such a way that they would back off but that the relationship with them wouldn’t be damaged.

Angels showed up when we needed them

During all the turmoil with some overbearing other people and the unruly petals of my special flowers, there was also some help. The kind, patient, and gifted elementary school teacher. The very understanding and supportive medical doctor. The best friend. They all showed up on the path of my kids when they needed them and I was deeply grateful for that.

So, for me, raising children was about lessons in acceptance, letting go of control, trusting my intuition, and trusting in life.

Divine guidance during a rheumatoid arthritis flare-up

I just had a flare-up of my rheumatoid arthritis which I am trying to handle with homeopathic remedies.

On a side note, I want to mention that this flare-up occurred a couple of days after my first Corona vaccination.

Originally, I wanted to wait with the vaccination until next year (2022) until more would be known about side effects and whether it protects against the delta variant. But then I heard that we had the two school graduation ceremonies of my sons upcoming in July 2021 with many people gathered in closed rooms. Even though the Corona numbers were low here at the time, I considered these as potential superspreader events and started to worry.

When my employer had dates for vaccination left over, I made the spontaneous choice to get the first vaccination (with an mRNA vaccine) end of June 2021. Even though I would not be fully vaccinated yet for the graduation ceremonies in July, I thought it would provide at least some protection.

I have rheumatoid arthritis which I usually keep in check with homeopathy. Before the shot, the left knee was already a bit swollen and stiff. But 5 days after the first vaccination, the inflammation started to flare up. It became so bad that I couldn’t even ride my bicycle anymore. I am not 100% sure that it was caused by the vaccine but since it occurred after 5 days, I thought that there was probably a connection.

What to do about it? I searched for a homeopathic remedy. It is always a bit tricky to find the right remedy. There are many remedies for swollen knees. But I considered taking Lachesis since it had helped me a lot in the past and would loosely fit the situation in that the swollen knee was on the left side. I just wasn’t sure whether it would really work because in the past it hadn’t helped so much with pain in the big joints like the knees.

Then I recalled that just a day before the flare-up of the arthritis, I had seen small snake, a blindworm, on my path in the forest. Even though they are common here, to encounter one is a rare sight. Was that a sign that I was to pay attention to the snake remedy? I thought so and took the chance and tried the snake remedy Lachesis.

And thankfully the next day, my left knee started to become better.

When I took a walk, still worried whether things would be okay, I saw a t-shirt saying , ‘Never mind, everything will be alright’. And I took that as a comforting message from my guides for me.

After a week, though, the effect of the remedy wore off and the knee started to worsen again. And when I tried Lachesis the second time, it was effective, but unfortunately the effect didn’t last long enough. So, this isn’t over yet. Now, I’ll have to try some other remedy tricks to get Lachesis to work again.

In my experience, guidance shows up in many forms, not only as intuition, but also in signs along the way, be it a rare animal or something writte on a t-shirt. I think of the world I see as a giant organism which is animated by an unseen hand and which talks to me and I pay attention to anything unusual which I encounter on my way.


Disclaimer: The information in this blog post is no substitute for professional medical advice. If you have a medical condition, consult your doctor or another qualified healthcare professional.