Throat chakra blockage

Did you ever feel afraid of speaking up because of what others might think of you? I know that feeling all too well.

End of 2012,  I wrote a post for an internet forum about my spiritual journey. About anger and burned out light bulbs and the importance of inner peace. I even diligently corrected all the typos and the punctuation.

But after that, I didn’t feel like posting it anymore. I saved the draft in a folder and felt perfectly felt at peace with the decision to keep my mouth shut.

Don’t they always tell us in the spiritual literature, “All is well. Nothing needs to be done. All happens is awareness. No need to change the world outside”?

Afterwards, I got some dreams that were designed to nudge me to share. But I shrugged them off. In spring 2013, I developed breathing trouble due to an inflammation in the throat. Some nights, I could hardly sleep.

I didn’t connect the illness to the refusal to post my writing. I thought it was due to residual anger attacks.

After some unsuccessful attempts to cure the breathing trouble with an alternative healing method which had served me well in the past, I was referred to a spiritual healer. I didn’t actually go there. I just had a remote treatment.

And that worked. I was able to sleep again through the night without fear of suffocating.

But about two weeks after the healing, something unusual happened.

I turned inside and asked, ‘Father, what would you have me do?’

Immediately, the answer came, as a voiceless voice in my head,

‘Write that book! You are late.’


Note to self: Make sure to include a chapter on ‘Risks and Side Effects When Talking to Your Inner Voice’.

Here, my spirit guide gently corrects me,
‘No, you must include a chapter on the risk of not listening to your inner voice.’

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