Moneyfestation miracles

I counted the money carefully. Twice. Two 20 Euro bills and two 5 Euro bills. Then I tucked them into an empty pocket of my son’s purse.

“I’ve just put 50 Euros into your purse. You can pick up your bike from the repair shop now,”  I told him.

It turned out that the repair of the bike was cheap, only 5 Euro. So I expected to get 45 Euros back.

But my son wanted to give 55 Euros back to me.

There was an additional 10 Euro bill now in his purse of which he knew that it was not his money. So, he thought it must be mine. Also, he swore that he had paid with another 10 Euro bill at the shop.

What had happened?

Either I’m getting Alzheimer’s. Or I do need to wear glasses. Or my two 5 Euro bills had turned into 10 Euro bills all of a sudden.

I gave him the 10 Euro bill and said, “Let’s assume it was a miracle. They really do happen, you know.”


During the spiritual journey, there comes a point when the outer world starts to behave in weird ways.

I recall a story in Robert Scheinfeld’s book Busting Loose from the Money Game, in chapter Postcards from the Road.
A woman who attended one of his ‘Busting Loose from the Money Game’ live events looked into her wallet and noticed $300 in there. Then she went out with the group for dinner. When she wanted to pay, she looked into her purse and found an additional amount of $500 in there. She was absolutely sure that it had not been in there before.

Nouk Sanchez told a beautiful story in her ACIM blog.
She wanted to rent an apartment which was $1200. But she told the landlady that she had not enough money and could only pay $900. Reluctantly, the landlady agreed. Nouk felt guilty about this at first, but then she decided for inner peace. And she trusted.
When the rent was due, Nouk withdrew $900 and kept the receipt. But when she handed the money over, her landlady counted it, twice, and found exactly $1200 in there.

All of this goes to show that the world ‘out there’ is not what we think it is. Reality is pliable and adjusts itself to our belief system.

 I am under no laws but God’s
(ACIM , Lesson 76)

34 thoughts on “Moneyfestation miracles

    1. Thanks for your comment! Yes, the spiritual journey has some amazing treats along the way. I’m always in awe.
      Do you have some weird events happening along your path, too?
      Feel free to share or post a link to one of your stories. I love to read stories about miracles.


    1. Thank you! Yes, I try to share experiences . I habe always benefited from other peoples’s stories. And now I need to tell my own stories
      ( see first post form last Nov, coming out of hiding).
      I remember theoretical teachings best when I heard a story that explains it.

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  1. I have inherited the ability to “find” money from my father who found a 100 dollar bill at Epcot when I was very young. In my store I found 2 $100 bills on the floor over the course of two separate occasions in one year. I am always finding cash in my pockets that I don’t remember when or how they got there. I had a psychic once on the plane that dropped a playing card and could not found it. I looked down and found it instantly and handed it to her, “You are good at finding money I assume, that was the 7 of diamonds.” Ha I thought, if only she knew.

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  2. Based on certain personal experiences I have come to believe that the biggest mystery in the world is human consciousness. I write a blog documenting my attempts at exploring the unmapped terrain of human consciousness through a combination of spirituality, meditation and psychoactive herbs. Readers are welcome to share their experiences and opinions.

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    1. I saw your comment just now as this was sent to the spam box initially. I was unaware that I had a spam box and that I should check its content regularly. Sorry for my late reply.
      Yes, consciousness is a mystery . Because it is outside of the 3d world in a higher dimension.
      Like a sphere is outside of the 2d plane in the story Flatland.
      It cannot be described in terms of our 3d language.


    1. Yes, I’m also fascinated by the idea that this reality here is not the whole truth. I just watched the movie Thirteenth Floor. It’s about three realities , as three layers. The outer one is real , and the other ones are simulated like a computer game. Like in the matrix.
      Waking up is like remembering who we are before we got sucked into the game. I saw you wrote a book inspired by the game addiction of a child. We are all like video-game addicted children, I think. So attached to our virtual character. Unwilling to leave the game when father calls us to get home for dinner. We just don’t know about our addiction and therefore we think we are sane, and our state of addiction is considered normal.
      Welcome to the blog!

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  3. I absolutely love that story because when it comes to money I know in my life God does provide. I’ll give you a great example when it was time for me to pay the rent to my parents. I counted it first and I was short a $50 crispy red Canada bill. I kept recounting it and still I was short one $50 Canadian red dollar bill. I asked my mom to recount the rent money, sure enough there it was an extra $50 red Canadian dollar bill so I wasn’t short anymore.What a miracle that was.
    Plus Everytime I don’t gamble money comes to me from nowhere like when I least expect it and also when I send money to my poor aunt and cousin in the Philippines I get “extra” money back somehow from God.

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  4. This reminds me that I need to continue to develop my spiritual awakening. I remember feeling ‘different’ in times where I felt spiritually awake. I feel maybe I’ve got a bit lost of late! Hopefully meditation will help bringing me back the ultimate truth I know exists.

    Thank you for posting xx

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  5. Magical story Karin, its so important that we trust and receive what we desire… I put out a notice for a new rental tenant and several good quality second hand items for the villa 2 days ago… It has ALL already flowed into my life… I love the magic of life and we are all the Creators of it… Barbara x

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    1. Thank you, Barbara. That is wonderful to hear how things work out magically for you. I am always in awe of these synchronicities. Once we know how it works, then it is not soo much of an aha moment like in the first few times of these miracles. But still, I always wonder about the amazing precision and flawless timing of these occurrences.

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  6. Great post :)

    This happened to me very recently. I opened a drawer that I know was empty and found (2) twenty dollar bills and a five dollar bill.

    There was no one else who could have placed it there and I KNOW that I didn’t.

    Even though I had been saying some abundance affirmations, I was still shocked when this money manifested–as if by magick :)

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    1. Wow, such a cool story! Amazing. I can imagine how you must have felt when you saw the money.
      Isn’t this weird how pliable reality is? How it is not something objective and out there, but how it is formed by prayer and belief?

      Thanks for sharing your wonderful story here!

      I wish you many miracles on your path!

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      1. :) Yes it is very strange but my best friend and I have agreed that we will now describe these miraculous events as “natural.”
        That helps us to expect to experience more things like that :)
        Love and light to you!

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        1. Good idea. Reminds me of what A Course In Miracles says. Miracles are natural. Something has gone wrong when they do not occur. Did you get that from ACIM or is it just a coincidence?

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          1. Maybe subliminally LOL!
            I do enjoy listening to Marianne Williamson’s weekly talk on ACIM so maybe I heard it there.
            But now that you mention it, I do remember reading somewhere that Eric Butterworth said something very similar :)

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