Can thoughts influence the weather?

Have you ever tried to manifest weather conditions?

At first, I was skeptical. But after the experience that wishes can summon trash bags, I thought, ‘Why not?’

On a sunny summer day, my son and I were at a playground. It was a vacation, and I had ordered warm weather for the entire week. But my son had an issue with the sunny weather.

“Mommy, see what you have done! The metal of the playground toy  has heated up too much. It is too hot to touch it. You should wish for clouds now!” There was a turntable on the playground with a polished steel bar on the outside rim which was indeed too hot to touch.

I replied, “Ok, let’s pray for some clouds, but you have to help me.”

I didn’t really expect this to work since the sky was clear blue all over. But we could at least give it a try.

We sat there for about two minutes, when suddenly some small clouds started to appear before the sun.

‘Yeah,’ I thought, ‘nice try, but that tiny white patch on the sky will be gone in a minute.’

But, no! Across the blue sky, there was a steady stream of small clouds, just big enough so they would cover the sun, one after another. And that lasted for about three to four hours!

The steel bar of the turntable cooled down and my son was happy. Later that day, we went to another playground  which had a whole jungle gym made of polished steel. That playground also benefitted from the small stream of clouds.


I’ve had several experiences where I felt that my wishes seemed to have influenced the weather. The key ingredients for the manifestation were the same as for any other wish. However, the important thing was to learn how to turn the ‘volume knob’ carefully ( – please keep that in mind and don’t cause a flood if you just want a little rain).

Am I going crazy because I believe that thoughts can influence the weather? Well, it seems that I’m not the only one. I’ve found more examples of manifesting weather in the literature
(Time Is an Illusion, by Chris Griscom; long time no see, by Carrie Triffet).

Daylle Deanna Schwartz shares some stories around wishing for weather in this post:

[Edit Sept 6, 2017:] Here is a story of how inner peace can calm a storm (transcript of a Raj channeling):
When Paul and Susan lived on Kauai and hurricane Iniki came through, and they were sitting in the middle of 200 [mile-per]-hour winds and feeling their teeth going like this [some sound and/or motion], they had the opportunity and the invitation, you might say, to panic. And when it came right down to it, they made commitment to not panic. They made commitment to life, rather than death and the fear of death. And I told them that the fact that they made commitment to their peace and to life, instead of fear, was what caused every house on their street to suffer almost no damage. And that if they had managed to stay completely in their peace, in spite of all the evidence, there would not have even been a wind or a breeze on the property they were on. ”
Source : Raj (aka Jesus) channeled by Paul Tuttle,, 1996, Asilomar Gathering, page 53-54(of 142).

Reality ‘out there’ is not really ‘out there’ , and it is much more pliable than we might have assumed. And the purpose of all these stories about manifestation was to teach me this lesson:
that I am not my body-mind, but that I am creative consciousness.

23 thoughts on “Can thoughts influence the weather?

    1. Thanks for stopping by here and for your kind words, Cameron. I loved your post on manifesting the weather, too.
      Yes, the volume knob was crucial for weather manifesting, but not so much for manifesting of other stuff, at least in my experience.


  1. “Am I going crazy because I believe that thoughts can influence the weather?”
    There is so much energy going around the world. I think there is serious possibility we can influence weather.
    I remember when I was young I used to wish for good weather in the summer and when it happened I liked to think I did it.

    Interesting thoughts and views.
    Nice read, as always.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Dan.
      Interesting that you wished for weather when you were young. It sounds like you were gifted with the ability to change the weather.
      Thanks for sharing this experience.

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      1. Well, in summer, I mean, children you know, wanted to stay all the time outside and well… memories. Reminds me of Remember a day by Pink Floyd… time flies. Or … even more when we went on holidays with my parents :).
        Welcome :)

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        1. You seem not to be convinced that your wishes actually influenced the weather when you were younger.
          I hope you get some powerful demonstrations by the universe that your thoughts are literally creative.

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    1. Hi Lee, thanks for your comment. I am relieved that you, too, have experienced that thoughts can indeed influence the weather.
      LOL, you ARE the universe.

      Ah, this spiritual path sometimes feels strange! Inner peace feels strange if the outer circumstances suggest that we should feel some kind of emotion. Some kind of upset. Some kind of concern. Otherwise we don’t feel ‘human’. But then we would leave inner peace, and inner peace is the place of power. So, I’d rather not stray from inner peace.

      And it feels strange to sit among colleagues at the lunch table when everyone is moaning about the weather. I am so tempted to suggest the DYOW (Do Your Own Weather) approach. But it would no be appropriate.

      So, I keep my mouth shut, but I can’t help feeling like an extraterrestrial at times.

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      1. Hi Karin, The feeling strange part will pass. I am at a point that I accept there are “mortal minds” doing what they need to do without it feeling strange that I have no concern for it.

        Remember, at first I thought I may be insane doing this. I do not even really speak about this to the people closest to me.

        They say there is no time but it feels like there is progress on the path.

        I am at a stage now, maybe I will write about it, that realizes there is no such thing as being spiritually advanced. Every apparent individual is in exactly the same place. I could not really explain why I felt this way until I went to Satsang yesterday with Madgi.

        He mentioned something I heard many times before, but I just “heard” it in a new way I guess.

        He said that there is only one energy and we are all that. The apparent people are the same energy playing around.

        Hard to explain, sorry .

        I find that wherever I am viewing this stuff from, everybody else can see it too. Strange because much of the stuff I feel everyone can see, I didn’t see a short time ago…

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        1. Thanks for sharing this.
          About progress or no progress. That is a point of endless discussion.
          I think that, yes, everyone is the same. The difference is that some have remembered who they are and some have not yet remembered.
          Being who we are, consciousness, takes no time. It is always true.
          But remembering who we are takes time.

          I like to think of this as someone who is addicted to a video game,
          like world of warcraft. He forgets that he sits on the chair in front of the screen. Instead, he thinks that he is the character on the screen and that getting the character to the next level of the game is all that is important in life.
          Sitting on the chair in front of the computer is always true for everyone. Some have just remembered this fact and some have not.

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  2. Lovely story Karin.. I think our thoughts can influence anything if we focus our intentions on what ever it is… And the power of collective thoughts united and focused has even more power to manifest what intent is focused upon.. .. Our Minds?thoughts are our most powerful tools.. :-) Have a wonderful rest of the week. :-)

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  3. Wow. Amazing post. I have always wondered whether thoughts can change the weather or not because sometimes i have felt the same happening. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Thank you for your kind comment. I’m glad to hear that this resonates with you.

      You have felt the same happening. And I think it might be more common among people than we think. It is just that it is rarely talked or written about.

      After all, the predominant image we have of ourselves is that of separate bodies from which consciousness is generated as a by-product of the electric current in the neurons of the brain. And thoughts are assumed to be just emergent phenomena of the brain which don’t have any real power.

      But in reality, it is the other way round. Our ‘meatsuit’ is an emergent phenomenon of consciousness. And thoughts do manifest reality.


  4. I can attest to changing the weather via thoughts but more so emotions. When I have a lot of fear in my life it’s insane the amount of rain and snow I can make fall. Some of us have a strong inner energy that causes this reaction in our environment. I will say this, be very very careful with your thoughts and emotions.

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  5. The only time I felt I had some influence on the weather was on Beltane (May 1) of 2018, when I got together with friends and prayed for a long hot summer – and we got a heatwave that lasted nearly 3 months! I reckon a lot of people here in the UK must have been asking for the same thing, as we were all sick of washout summers.

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